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Flex For Access Believes In The Power Of Fitness And Sport, And Is Invested In Creating Avenues For Individuals Of All Backgrounds And Fitness Levels Or Capabilities To Become Active.

Jess Silver (pictured above), is the founder of Flex for Access Inc. and she is also an author, adaptive personal trainer, athlete, motivational speaker and champion for inclusion.

Flex for Access is driven to redefine fitness and health literacy through creating opportunities for adaptive training and sport programs, education for coaches/ trainers/fitness influencers and health practitioners as well as individuals and athletes and their parents or support system.

Here at Strive Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, it is our mission to promote inclusion for all, healthy lifestyles and healthy aging. Collaborating with Flex for Access is an important part of being true to our mission!

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Access to Personal Training and Pilates:

If you are limited in mobility due to injury or physical challenges  such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, an Acquired Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury and have been unable to access fitness-oriented rehabilitation and/or Pilates as a result of financial constraints, you may be eligible to receive financial support from Flex for Access.

Criteria to Apply for Financial Assistance from Flex for Access Training Session Facilitation

  • Must be between the ages of 9-44. In some cases, Flex for Access works with clinics that have older clients in need of session facilitation if there is a previous history and clearance for sessions.
  • Must be limited in mobility due to injury or physical challenge  such as (Cerebral Palsy, MS, an ABI or SCI)
  • Client must face barrier to facilitating (paying for) gym training sessions or fitness-oriented rehab in order to have it facilitated by Flex for Access.
  • Client must be able to schedule their own sessions and commit to an arrangement with the trainer and/or therapist or practitioner.


How to Apply:

Please download and complete the following 2 forms and email the completed forms to

For the subject line please write: Flex for Access Funding

Link to document in DB Flex for Access Page folder labeled:

Join the conversation!

Founder and Physiotherapist of Strive Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, Melanie MacKinnon sat down with Jess on The Strive Podcast. Jess and Melanie discuss the importance of inclusion and opportunities for participation for persons with disabilities in main stream exercise environments. At the heart of the discussion is how ALL exercise is ADAPTABLE and as a society we can and SHOULD improve access for all.

Check out the episode on YouTube and Soundcloud by following @StrivePhysioTo on Facebook and Instagram.


To support Flex for Access, post photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, flexing in the gym doing an exercise, or flexing for social responsibility in the community, and hashtag #FlexForAccess.

Donate at online at via PayPal. Donations help facilitate adaptive training sessions and classes at gyms and studios that are affiliated with Flex for Access Inc. Funds are also allocated to simple adaptive exercise equipment and sports programs that emphasize health literacy.