Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Beginner Exercises

Important Note:
These exercises were designed as a place to start to address your symptoms. These exercises should not be performed or continued if they cause or increase your pain in any way. Using these exercises for self-management of your symptoms does not replace the value of being assessed by a Health Professional.

1. Massage Stick: Quadriceps

Sit down on a chair with your knee straight. Use the massage stick to roll out the quadriceps on top of the thigh. You can roll on all the portions of the quadriceps, including the outer and inner portions. Spend more time on areas that are tender/tight/knotted but avoid or modify the pressure on the areas that are painful. 1-2 mins per area, 2-3 days a week.

2. Standing Quadriceps Stretch

Stand up next to a chair. Place the top of the foot of the leg to stretch on the chair’s armrest. Keep the back straight, your abs gently engaged and gently squeeze you buttocks. This will localize the stretch to your thigh. You can bend the knee of the supporting leg to accentuate the stretch. Hold the stretch when you feel a comfortable stretch in front of your thigh. It should not make your knee more sore.
Hold for 20sec x 3 reps, x1-2 times a day on both sides.

3. Hip Abduction

Lay on your side with your head supported and lower leg bent. Lift the top leg up to about 30°, keeping the foot parallel to the ground and the thigh aligned with the body (do not move it forward as you lift). Pause for 2-3 seconds and then lower slowly.
Do 8-12reps, working up to 3 sets, 3 days a week.

4. Squat With Mini-Band

Stand with your feet facing forward at hips width. Tie elastic around your knees, just above them. The band should be taut when you feet are hip distance apart. Lower your body to a squat position by pushing your hips backward, bending your knees while keeping your back neutral. Squeeze your buttocks to resist the pull of the band and keep the your knee caps aligned with the center of your feet (2nd toes). Do not let the band pull your knees inward. Return to the standing position and repeat.
Do 8-12reps, working up to 3 sets, 3 days a week.
Images provided by Physiotec