Dancer Care at Strive

If You Are A Dancer, Whether You Are Recovering From An Injury, Looking For Ways To Improve Your Performance, Or Needing Some Self-Care After Long Hours In The Studio, We Can Help!
How Can Physiotherapy Help Dancers?

A Physiotherapist can help to diagnose and treat injuries, perform Pre-Season and Pre-Pointe screening, give you injury prevention strategies, and help you achieve optimal performance by improving flexibility, strength, posture, and endurance. Your Physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive assessment, including looking at your dance technique, and develop an individualized plan that may include hands on therapy, modalities such as shockwave or dry needling, and a tailored exercise program designed to help you achieve your personal goals.

Meet Grace!

Grace completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Before physiotherapy school she obtained a Bachelor of Computing with a specialization in biomedical applications and a Master of Science in Computing from Queen’s University. After completing her physiotherapy education, she has completed courses in taping and dry needling. Grace is passionate about orthopaedic Physiotherapy and plans to continue her post-graduate education by pursuing courses in manual therapy, acupuncture, and sport physiotherapy.

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How Can Pilates Help Dancers?

Pilates  is a type of movement therapy that addresses postural imbalances, habitual movement patterning, and underlying weakness or tensions in the body. Pilates can be an affective way to improve your performance by improving function in joint, muscle and fascial systems. Pilates also aims to re-educate movement through specific programming, dynamic imagery, and cueing. It is an adaptable technique and can be used for athletic conditioning and cross training, as well as injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

Meet Lily!

Lily McEvenue is a certified Pilates instructor, and professional dancer. Being a dancer herself, Lily has a keen understanding of dynamic movement, as well as personal experience with injury recovery and prevention. Lily is proud to have danced on notable stages such as The Royal Opera House of Versailles, The Stratford Festival, and Mirvish theatres, as well as in TV shows for the CW Network, Global TV, and Netflix. She continues to perform alongside her teaching career and uses her unique background to support dancers and athletes of all levels, as well as people of all backgrounds, and abilities.

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What Are Some Common Injuries That Are Experienced By Dancers?

The following are common injuries that can arise from dancing. Click on the links below to learn more and to see our rehabilitation exercise programs: