Dear Everybody Movement

Dear Everybody

At Strive, we are passionate about supporting and promoting inclusion for all. With a commitment to upholding our mission statement, and in recognition of the 22% of Canadians living with disabilities, Strive Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine has signed the Dear Everybody agreement.

What is Dear Everybody?

Dear Everybody is a national movement started by Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto. The movement brings to attention the lack of representation of people with disabilities in mainstream media and advertising. This lack of representation can have detrimental consequences, including perpetuating the exclusion, stigma, and harmful stereotyping of people with disabilities. To combat this, Holland Bloorview is asking brands to sign the Dear Everybody agreement, which symbolizes an ongoing commitment to increasing representation of people with disabilities within their marketing and media landscape.

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How Strive is Staying Accountable

At Strive, we celebrate the diverse community which we serve but understand that we can always do better. It is time to include disability in the picture, and as such, we are currently engaged in the following endeavors:

  • Working towards better and more realistic representation of people with disabilities on our website and social media platforms
  • Ensuring best practices in digital accessibility of our website
  • Collaboration with organizations in the community that increase awareness and opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Fostering a commitment to ongoing learning
  • Striving to do better by our community everyday

We understand that signing the Dear Everybody agreement is the first step towards a more inclusive picture for Canadians with disabilities. As we strive to do better, we welcome your feedback, as well as opportunities for further learning and conversation on how best to serve and represent our diverse community.

For More Information

For more information about the Dear Everybody movement, including resources for individuals, brands and healthcare providers, visit