Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises you can try at Home!

Important Note:
These exercises were designed as a place to start to address your symptoms. These exercises should not be performed or continued if they cause or increase your pain in any way. Using these exercises for self-management of your symptoms does not replace the value of being assessed by a Health Professional.

1. Stretching Flexors

Reps: 4 Freq: Daily Hold: 15sec
Hold the palm of one hand with the other hand while keeping your elbow straight on the affected arm and pull your hand back gently towards your body until you feel a stretch in the forearm. This stretch can be done after strength exercise.
15sec x 4 reps, after strength exercise

2. Stretching Extensors

Reps: 4 Freq: Daily Hold: 15sec
Extend the affected arm out with elbow straight and use the other hand to grasp it at the side of the thumb and bend the wrist downward until a stretch is felt in the forearm. This stretch can be done after strength exercise.
Progression : Turn wrist towards the small finger to increase the stretch and gently
press down each finger individually
Hold for 15sec x 4 reps

3. Median N. Glide At Wrist

Sets: 1 Reps: 10-15 Freq: 1x a day Hold: 3-7sec per position
Begin with your elbow on your side, your hand in a soft fist, and your forearm neutral-so your thumb is facing up.
Open your fingers straight.
Extend your wrist back.
Extend and straighten your thumb.
Keep your wrist and hand in this position and rotate your palm up facing theceiling.
Then use your other hand to gently stretch your thumb back.
Hold a few seconds then release and relax.
Stop if at any point that you feel pain, numbness or tingling.

4. Tendon Gliding Combo

Sets: 1 Reps: 5-10 Freq: 2-3x a day Hold: 3sec per position
Start with your hand and fingers straight and in line with your forearm.
Without moving your wrist, do the following movements and reset your fingers to the starting position between each:
Series A (pictures 1-4):
1- flex the two last knuckles of your fingers to make a “hook” position
2- curl your fingers to form a fist with your thumb over your fingers (different from picture)
Series B (pictures 5-8):
1. Bend at the first knuckles only to form a 90° angle with the hand
2. bend
Images provided by Physiotec