Strive COVID-19 Policy

We are committed to taking every precaution to ensure the safety of those who enter the clinic. In order to accommodate the physical distancing measures and minimize patient crossover, the clinic will be operating under physical distancing and infection control measures.
What we are doing: Infection Prevention and Control Training for all staff

• All Health Care Practitioners and staff have completed infection control training through IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control) offered by Public Health Ontario.

• Staff are required to follow hand cleaning protocols set by the Ontario Ministry of Health

• All Health Care Practitioners and staff attended virtual meetings to review guidelines published by our regulatory colleges, local, provincial and federal public health and the clinic protocols and procedures based on these recommendations.

• Daily, therapists will self-monitor for signs and symptoms of illness, including taking their temperatures before coming into the clinic and completing the COVID screening questionnaire, each day before they come to work.

• We have the necessary PPE for our Health Care Practitioners and staff. Our therapists are required to wear at minimum a medical grade mask and face shield / eye protection to treat patients in close contact.  We realize we are in close contact with many of our patients during an appointment so we will also be wearing gowns / lab coats and gloves to provide and extra layer of protection for both you the client and the staff. Reception staff will be wearing a medical grade mask


Social distancing and infection control when in the building

• RioCan has implemented social distancing procedures and security is present to assist in social distancing when waiting for the elevator and is limiting the elevators to 2 people per elevator.

• We have private treatment rooms that are cleaned thoroughly between each appointment. Each room is equipped with a hepa air filter.

• The majority of our therapist’s days and treatment times have changed, to limit the number of therapists and patients are in clinic at one time.

• We are scheduling 15 minutes in-between appointments to allow for proper cleaning following each and every appointment.

• We have installed a plexi-glass barrier at the front desk to provide a physical barrier between our reception team and visitors to our clinic

• Frequent cleaning of other contact areas (waiting areas, door handles, reception desk) and daily cleaning of floors

• The flow through the clinic will be one-way, which means you will enter as per usual, from the front door. Following your appointment, you will be guided to a hand washing station and an exit.


Your responsibilities as a client:

• Prior to your visit you will be required to fill out a pre-appointment COVID screening questionnaire. (this is mandatory from the ministry of health) For Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy patients, the questionnaire is automatically generated by our practice management system, sent to you via email and when complete becomes part of your health record. If you do not have access to the digital survey, we will ask you the questions when you arrive at the clinic.  For patients of Dr. Nanos, you will receive a phone call 1-2 days before your appointment to complete the pre-screening

Please monitor your health. If you are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness, we will not be able to treat you on that given day and we will recommend you contact your family physician or the regional COVID assessment center for further guidance. Late fees will not be charged if you are experiencing symptoms of a respiratory illness.

•  Arrival time: Please wear a mask when you enter the clinic. Masks must be 3 layers and if you do not have them we will provide free of charge. There will be hand sanitizer available for you to use as you enter the clinic. When you enter your temperature will be taken. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to the start of your appointment, in order to reduce patient crossover and time in the waiting room. Please do not be late for your scheduled appointment, as this will be very difficult to accommodate under the physical distancing, guidelines that have been mandated for us to follow.

Caregivers/family/friends:  We are encouraging everyone to attend their appointments alone, when able, as this will reduce the number of individuals in the clinic at once, help reduce possible exposures for all, and help maintain physical and social distancing regulations. Anyone attending with you, are encouraged to wait in the car, or outside the clinic when if possible. If you are receiving an injection, or require a caregiver to be present, this individual will also be required to answer the screening questionnaire and wear a 3-layered mask.

Payment: A new billing and scheduling system has been put in place that will allow for online bill payment. If you choose this option, you will receive an invoice via email. Otherwise, you can pay for your appointment when you arrive.

We encourage you to watch these very short videos on proper hand cleansing tips.
How to Hand Rub
How to Hand Wash

With attending to careful precautions and maintaining proper physical spacing in the clinic we are confident we can provide a safe environment for you to receive healthcare.  If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Infection Control Standards 

We are committed to taking every precaution to ensure a safe place for all. We continue to adhere to the highest standards of infection control including screening, observing full droplet and contact precautions and use of medical grade masks for all our staff and health care professionals. All our rooms are private and are equipped with HEPA air filters. We continue to stagger our appointment times to ensure thorough cleaning between appointments and reduce the number of people in the clinic at one time.