Optimizing Strength in the Sauté

Optimizing Strength in the Sauté

One of the greatest benefits of training on the reformer is being able to change the position that the body is receiving load in. In standing positions, we are loading the body with greater force than if we are in supine (lying flat on our backs). This becomes significant when we need to address movement strategies and optimize function, control, and power in our dance technique. On the reformer, not only can we translate the postures and movements of dance, we can better see and address where there may be discrepancies in function that may hinder us in our dance technique.


You will see in the following videos, a demonstration of how the jumpboard assists in improving the mechanics of a dancer’s jump. We are removing the full loading position of being upright and jumping, into a supported jump through the use of the reformer’s spring tension. This assists in connecting to vital core muscles that need to fire at high speeds, with quick changes of direction, and transferring of weight when we are dancing. We can address postural discrepancies and muscle imbalances with more ease on the machine, and gradually increase the strength in springs to work not just on lower leg and foot strength, but the entire kinetic chain up into our trunk.

Video 1: Jumps in Parallel with Transfer of Weight

Video 2: Sauté in First Position

Video 3: Temp Levé with Battu