Dancer tips for returning to the studio.

Dancer tips for returning to the studio.

School is in session which means it is time to head back to the dance studio! The start of the dance season is a very exciting time, but jumping back in too quickly can predispose dancers to injuries. Follow these tips to help to promote a healthy and safe return to the dance studio this season:

  • Listen to your body
    • If you have been out of the studio for a few months over the summer, ease yourself back into dance class. It will take some time for your body to get back to the same level of intensity where you left off at the end of the previous season. Pushing yourself too hard and too soon can lead to injury. Listen to your body and work within comfortable ranges until you feel ready to progress.
  • Warm up before dance class
    • Warming up prior to class is a great way to get your body ready to move safely. Warming up helps to raise our body temperature, heart rate, and improves blood flow. Warm ups should include moving your body through a variety of movement patterns that mimic what you will be doing in class.
  • Incorporate conditioning into your routine including strengthening, stretching, and aerobic exercise
    • It is important to have appropriate strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness to support a healthy year in the dance studio and prevent injury. Exercises including core, gluteal, ankle, and foot intrinsic strengthening as well as static and dynamic stretches will help you stay strong, mobile, and will improve your technique. Pilates is another fantastic way to condition your body for dance. Aerobic exercise can include running, swimming, or biking.
  • Pre-pointe assessment
    • Think you are ready to start pointe this season? It is important to have a pre-pointe screening assessment to determine if you are ready to safely start pointe work. Factors to determine readiness include age, level of training, strength, endurance, balance, and range of motion.

Have a safe, healthy, and fun dance season!