Moving for Mental Health

Moving for Mental Health

As we are re-emerging back to pre-pandemic life, some of us might be feeling the effects of social isolation in our bodies and our minds. Having had limited options for daily movement, it is possible we feel deconditioned and perhaps even fearful of stepping back into regular exercise. Having the right mindset can help us approach our movement habits with excitement instead of anxiety.


Our mental wellbeing is an important consideration when trying to find healthy motivation for setting fitness goals. Daily exercise goes beyond meeting our strength and conditioning goals. It also gives us a chance for social connection, boosting our moods, improving our focus and productivity, and lifting our self-esteem. These qualities are significant, and are ones we can put more emphasis on as we cope with our anxieties about getting back into regular exercise.


Instead of putting the pressure on yourself with statements like ‘I should exercise’, try to focus on what qualities of exercise make you feel better mentally. These are some examples;


  • I want to exercise because it makes me feel energized.
  • I want to exercise because it gives me an opportunity to connect with others.
  • I want to exercise because it makes it easier to focus at work.


Taking care of our mental health is important, and exercise is just one avenue we can use to reconnect with our minds and bodies. Incorporating a practice of mindfulness into your daily routine and developing your self-awareness and self-compassion is another step on the path to wellbeing. Check out The Strive Podcast Episode 3 with guest Rob Walsh, Mindfulness Coach and Physical Therapy Resident. Founder and Physiotherapist Melanie MacKinnon and Rob discuss the main tenants of mindfulness and how they have found opportunities to integrate mindful moments into their personal lives and clinical practice, cultivating wellness for themselves and in others.

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