Golf warm-up and cool-down tips.

Golf warm-up and cool-down tips.

With the golf season coming to an end and many of us eager to fit in as many rounds as possible before putting our clubs away for the winter, it’s important that we take care of our bodies to avoid injury. Below you will find both a warm-up and cool-down program that will assist you in keeping your body at peak performance for the remainder for the golf season!

A good warm up is crucial, especially around this time of year as the weather starts to cool down. Prepping your body and getting your muscles ready for your round is a critical step in helping to reduce your risk of injury. An excellent way to prepare your body for a round of golf is through dynamic exercises. Click here for 4 exercises that you can do to help you prepare for the first tee.

After your round of golf, a great way to cool down is through some light static stretching. These stretches are a great way to help address some muscle tension or soreness you may be experiencing. These exercises can also be a beneficial way to increase flexibility and range of motion allowing your body to move with greater ease and helping to improve your mobility for your next round. Click here for 5 exercises that you can try post golf round.

The most common type of golf injury, especially around this time of year, is due to overuse. Incorporating a proper warm-up and cool-down, as well as being mindful of your bodies limits when you are out on the course are great ways to help prevent injuries from occurring. If you feel you need extra advice, help with an injury, or are interested in finding out more, consider booking with us today!

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